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How Am I Related?

Sometimes I wonder how it is that I’m related to my family members.  First off, I’m a Capricorn, and both of my parents and my only sibling (my brother) are Leos.  That’s one of my least compatible signs.  (How the heck did that happen?!)  On the other hand, I look just like my mother.  No, I look just like my father.  Actually, I look like whichever one of them you think.  There’s no way a baby switch at the hospital justification will work.  No, some how I am related to them.

I used to be a Republican.  I wasn’t a good Republican, even back then, but still I thought Ronald Reagan was awesome.  I worked at the 1992 RNC for CNN, the Houston Host Committee, and the Bush-Quayle campaign.  But over the years I have become less Republican.  I’m sure my family members think I’m a liberal wacko, but oh I could be so much worse!

The other night we did a video chat with my family.  They were gathered at my brother’s home in Corpus Christi.  My folks were there and so were my sister-in-law’s parents.  We’ve razzed eachother from time to time about the election.  Anyway, at one point I turned the camera towards the other side of the room which revealed this poster of President Obama on our sideboard.

My brother promptly turns his webcam towards the TV, and they’re actually WATCHING O’Reilly.  I don’t watch any Fox news programs, mostly because I know there’s absolutely NO reason to expect balanced treatment of any politicized topic.  Most of my exposure to O’Reilly has been admittedly through soundbites from other pundits.  So, it’s perhaps a bit unfair for me to judge him when I refuse to watch his shows based on the numerous nasty soundbites I’ve heard over the years.

I digress.  I was just floored that on a lovely Friday evening over Thanksgiving weekend, that my family was gathered around the boob toob watching such polemic horseshit.  Awww, family togetherness and bonding with Bill O’Reilly.  <shudder>

Remind me again, how am I related to these people?


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